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Level Design - Contractor

Pilot a team of animal heroes with your family and friends as you blast your way through evil aquatic enemies, in the family-friendly couch co-op space shooter, B.ARK!
Our only hope for survival rests in the paws of the furry but ferocious members of Team B.ARK. The cybernetic fish armada, known as the Dark Tide, have taken over Earth and are spreading their aquatic fleet into space. Navigate and defend our Solar System as Barker the Dog, Felicity the Cat, Lucio the Bear, and Marv the Rabbit, as they dive, dip, dodge, and blast their way through waves of revenge-seeking aquatic mechs. Play with your family and friends and work as a team to defeat the Dark Tide and take back your home!


At Tic Toc Games, my responsibilities included (for B.ARK):

- Designing levels for “B.ARK” as well as scripting events for the levels.
- Lead and become Levels owner during production.
- Played a critical role in coordinating as well as aligning between design team, production team and creatives.
- Pitching conceptual designs to key stakeholders.
- Implementing and prototyping assets in screen space.
- Providing guidance as well as consultation in re-structuring the design pipeline to speed up level design production. Co-designed new tools for Unity as part of this.

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