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Frosty Jump

Whilst interning at Reverge Studios and under the careful observation of Richard Wyckoff, I helped to Produce, Design and Increment a Amazon Fire game by the name “Frosty Jump”. 

This was my first time tackling a Mobile Game, I helped to improve Gameplay Initially from a game that was initially not very easy to play and did not play like Doodle Jump to eventually playing very much like Doodle Jump (Minus the motion controls. You had to swipe due to a programming decision).

My job eventually went from incrementing to handling all the levels (164 to be precise!). The game was all over the place so I decided to sequence the levels in such a way so that the player would grow with experience over time. In other words, it starts off easy and becomes impossibly hard towards the end. This took a lot of internal play testing but eventually withing 24 Hours I had done all the levels and met my requirements!


This is what some people have said on the Amazon Store:

“This is a real fun game that gets better and harder the higher you get” – Woon Luong

“This is a simple, but fun game. It gets particularly addictive once you start getting higher where most of the enemies and obstacles are.” – John S.

The game is free and can be played on a Fire TV and on all Android Devices!

I should also note that Reverge Studios helped in Development but did not actually publish Frosty Jump. Game Co. Published the game.

Game Design - Internship

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