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Blockout - Republic Commando: Corellia

Level Design

This is my entry for 2020's #Blocktober​. I based it on Star Wars: Republic Commando (2005) which was a game that inspired me to get into game development. I referenced a lot of my blockout work from SOLO: A Star Wars Story's concept art which was the main inspiration for some of the locations and themes that Corellia may possess. As a fan of both properties, I wanted to make sure I blend the two starkly different properties right but focusing on what makes them visual sell their experience unique.

If you'd like to play the game, it's available on steam here:​ I also got some assets from Todor Malakchiev who collaborated with me during this project. You can view his work here:

Everyone else is credited in the video but I'd like to specially call out the original team behind Star Wars: Republic Commando (2005)!

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